Shadowloo Showdown London Qualifiers

European Qualifier for Shadowloo Showdown; exclusive hands-on with Street Fighter X Tekken



When: Sunday 26th February (One day event). Doors open at 10am, tournament starts at 11am

Where: Dugdale Centre, Enfield, North London

Address: Dugdale Centre, Thomas Hardy House, 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS


Street Fighter X Tekken area: Free to enter, free to play

Tournament area: £5 venue fee, £10 per tournament

Tournaments: Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 qualifier / Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition qualifier

Console: XBOX360

Tournament rules: Groups into double elimination. SF4: 128 player cap. Marvel: 64 player cap. 1 player cannot win both qualifiers, but is allowed to enter both. UMVC3 top 8 will be best of five, time permitting.

Prizes: The winner of each tournament will win flights & hotel to Melbourne, Australia for Shadowloo Showdown 2012.

If 60 people enter SSFIV, second place will also be sent to Australia.

If 30 people enter UMVC3, second place will also be sent to Australia.

Prize rules: The winner must have a valid passport by Friday 3rd March. If s/he does not, the prize will be given to the next highest finisher. If the winner cannot make it to the event for whatever reason, the prize will be given to the next highest finisher. Only European citizens are eligible for the prize.

Getting there by tube/train: Best way is to get the train to Enfield Town from Seven Sisters Station (Victoria Line), 15 minutes. You can also go to Enfield Town from Liverpool Street Station (more expensive, 30 minutes) or Finsbury Park to Enfield Chase (more expensive than from Seven Sisters)

Getting there by bus: TBC

Hotels: TBC

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