Armshouse.tv was created by James ‘WorstGiefEVER’ Bardolph to expose the European Competitive Gaming Community to a wider audience, and raise the profile of competitive gaming in general. It started in 2009 with a camcorder and a passport, and has since grown into live coverage of tournaments multiple times a week, on stage commentary and other content production, so far garnering over 4,000,000 live stream views and over 3,250,000 views on youtube. Here are some of the recent events we have been involved with and production we have done.

Razer Fighting Championships: MCM Expo London Comic Con

Armshouse and European Gaming League (EGL) provided Razer with a launch opportunity for their newest product at London Comic Con. Two tournaments were held over the weekend with £1,000 pot bonuses for each. The winners of each tournament were also sent to the Caribbean to compete for over $28,000 in prize money.

Red Fight District 2013: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Armshouse did its first stream in the Netherlands, covering their largest annual tournament. The event was broadcast over an entire weekend, and had heavy presence from international marquee players. It’s also famous for having arguably the best event trailer ever.

Red Fight District, Amsterdam

Dreamhack Valencia ’12: Valencia, Spain

Armshouse joined the Spanish Dreamhack team in 2012 to present Super Street Fighter IV live from Valencia.

Dreamhack Summer ’12: Jonkoping, Sweden

Armshouse.tv returned to Sweden once again to broadcast & present the fighting games at the Dreamhack Energiser Championship. International competitors battled for two days to claim the gold in Super Street Fighter IV & Street Figther X Tekken.


Shadowloo Showdown Melbourne 2012 Qualifier / SFxT Promo Event: London, England

In February 2012 we successfully organised, promoted and ran a qualifying tournament for two games, and sent the top two finishers of each tournament to Australia for Shadowloo Showdown 2012, flights and accommodation paid for. Together with Capcom we held the final preview event for their game ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’, which was released the following week. The promo area was open to the general public and free to enter/play. Below is the flyer for the event.

World Game Cup: Cannes, France

World Game Cup is the largest annual fighting game event in Europe. This year we broadcast the 3-day event in English, garnering more than 2,000,000 hits. The last day alone had more than 130,000 unique viewers.

Dreamhack: Jonkoping, Sweden

Dreamhack is the largest digital festival on the planet. Thousands of gamers from around the planet congregate in Jonkoping twice a year and bring their PCs to play together, or come to visit the expo, or to witness the strongest players on the international circuit compete for large amounts of prize money. At Dreamhack we run the fighting game tournaments, broadcast them on the internet and present/commentate the finals on the main stage.

European Gaming League: Emirates Stadium, London

James is Head of Fighting Games for EGL and organises all fighting game related content at EGL events. Most recently we held four fighting games over two days in the Emirates Stadium.

Game previews

We have done numerous previews of unreleased games, garnering anywhere between 10,000 to 200,000 views per video.

Character demonstration

Another example of our content creation – character breakdowns in games.