Statement regarding VxG qualifier flights

We held a European qualifier in May to send two players from Europe to the Video X Games in St Maarten. Two tournaments were held, one for Super Street Fighter IV and one for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. These qualifiers were won by WW|MCZ.Ryan Hart and CDV.WhiteBl4ck respectively. Flights to Trinidad were due to be provided by VxG partner Caribbean Airlines, from London Gatwick airport, with VxG taking care of travel from Trinidad to St Maarten.

VxG confirmed to me by email on 25th March that two flights were confirmed for our qualifiers. The qualifiers took place on 25th and 26th May. VxG received notification from Caribbean Airlines on 6th July that they were “unable to take part at this time”, leaving the two European qualifiers without flights. VxG have subsequently tried to make other arrangements, so far to no avail.

VxG has so far offered to send Ryan Hart and WhiteBl4ck to a VxG qualifier in the US for the 2014 event in lieu of the above developments.

The £2,000 of pot bonuses at the event are not associated with either VxG or Caribbean Airlines and will be paid on arrival, which should be this week or the next.

James ‘WGE’ Bardolph

twitter: jamesbardolph