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Red Fight District: 23/24 March 2013

Soon after World Game Cup, ARMSHOUSE will be flying to Amsterdam to broadcast Red Fight District.

The 2nd Edition of the Largest Fighting-game
competition in The Netherlands! Red Fight District 2! Featuring Nin, Xian & Zhi

RFD (Red Fight District) is Holland’s biggest fighting game event ever. The second edition of this event will take place on the 23rd and 24th of March 2013 in Amsterdam.This event is a cooperation of two Dutch fighting game communities. The organisations with the biggest influence in the event are Tekkenzone.net and DutchNoobz.nl. There are also numerous Dutch players who are supporting the event and devoting their time and effort to make it happen.

This years special guests include:
Tekken Legend: Nin

The most skilled and entertaining duo of Asia: CrossCounterTV Asia’s Xian & Zhi

More information: www.redfightdistrict.com