Upcoming tournaments

EGL 8 Manchester Oct 13/14: UMVC3, SSF4, KOFXIII, TTT2

EGL 8, Manchester
Play Expo


UMVC3 Solo (bo5 all the way)
UMVC3 3v3 (straight DE bracket no groups)
UMVC3 North vs South exhibition (10v10?)
TTT2 solo


SSF4 Solo
SSF4 2v2 (straight DE bracket no groups)

Solo tournaments will be £10 per player, Team tournaments will be £5 per player. All tournaments will be on XBOX360. The TTT2 tournament will hopefully have some PS3s as well, I will confirm this in due course. If you are a PS3 player, I highly recommend purchasing a PS2 pad on eBay and buying one of these converters: http://bit.ly/NdfMn1

Regarding the North vs South exhibition for Marvel, the exact format (how many players on each team for example) is to be decided. We’ll have to see how many people are coming up from South to agree numbers. There will be a team captain for both teams; the team captain for the North is Kaworu. We will discuss a team captain for the South at WSO this coming Tuesday.

P4U will be playable at the event.

I will update this post with more information later.